Loyalty Reward

Dear UGF family members!

We're happy to have you as part of our freak nation. We believe in delivering high quality products at great prices. Also we believe in keeping our standards high, in regards to our services. We strive for perfection in each and every aspect of our service. We strive to deliver a top notch service! The only guys that can confirm our services to ourselves, are you!

Many of our dear freaks are active in different forums. We'd really appreciate if you'd share your experiences on any of the boards you are part of. So please review our products and spread the word. You can tell others how your experience has been shopping at UGF. The whole process, communication, feedback on the products and so on. Once you've done such, please send the link to your review through the order ticket when placing an order, and we'll give you a discount up to 30% on your products, for your next order! The 30% depends on how detailed your review is. We'll be the ones to judge its value.

Minimum discount is 10% for a review of your experience with UGF. Reach 20% with a review that is more detailed. Reach 30% with a very much detailed and review of your experience and cycle + a picture of the gear you've gotten. Make sure you mention UGF and what products, from which brands, you've used. We value all the freaks sharing your experiences and helping us remain on the top! Note: On forums where it's possible to boost the source as well, please make sure to do that besides reviewing. Shipping fee will not be part of the discounts: products only.